from a porch, dragon designs

when i’m alone

optical nerve transmissions draw fire-breathing dragon designs in dim-lit skies during spaced-out imaginary line tracing moments when looking around makes me nervous

acknowledging points

unseen by busy minds


when we choose to go blind

to control-crafted scenes, dismantling the fiends-for-truth imagery

remembering that fantastical creatures do exist

if i let them

dragons of peace

wrestling away manic moments

dragons of laughter

teasing human-assembled components

dragons of forgotten stories

burning images, recalling connections

dragons of passion

witnessing resurrection

a collection

of misfit truth warriors clad in scales, balancing the weight of midnight tales, leaving us breathless and passing through daytime constraints to find salvation

i blink

it’s over

clouds carried hope away

3 thoughts on “from a porch, dragon designs

    • thank you, and thanks for taking the time to read and comment. i’m playing with getting together some poems for an open mic – i’ve never done it, yet your comment inspires my desire. now, to break through the insecurity piece. ha.

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      • I’ve done one or two of those before! I was super intimidated at first, but the community around those events is so supportive that there’s nothing to be afraid of! You should go to a few just as a spectator to see what they’re all about, and that might give you the confidence to go for it! Your poetry is certainly good enough. Good luck!

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