from bed, incomplete thoughts – insecure walks. (four separate start and stops)

it’s there

that growing temptation to fire off a string on nonsensical words to ward off your own decisions that don’t include me

i resist

you insist on not proactively pushing the keys to me to strip the plea of selfish lines layers in a cake we eat during morning fights with the voices that peak in continuous flows of captured blows deciphering the delicious flow of bought…


she arrived last night

on horseback of course



gather up the remains of my patience

that burst into permanent pieces unable to be salvaged when you stopped checking in out of solidarity

and obligations led the way

waiting for seconds to sprint down the sink, you’d lose track when dining on their…


i checked in

you walked out

sinister sensations traveled down my spout

up the wall

figuring this fall

would be enough to push you away

i’m done

grab everything

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