from bed, sometimes the stream is rough

i didn’t know there was a time frame

you left, you crawled down the hall

wishing i wouldn’t have asked you where the case began

when did you start this game of penny tossing angel eating allegations against a symmetric piece of cake that never made its way to candles in front of a flaming child’s face when desires were simple

smile at the reverence of denial

if there isn’t a time when we could strike a pose and dispose of candid moments in the hallway window dressing our camp secrets when it was the fire and you wishing i wasn’t on my side and i could plea to you to banish the fool who left the desert with one eye

closed and dishes undone thanks for being here as the reindeer rushed over after they heard you turned another year old

scold the bold and undo the untold and if it’s my turn then i’ll happily go before there is another match that burns out before i have time to rush through and see you

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