from a stump, the rocks are piled high

capture the captains and make sure they can’t escape

where are they anyway?

the captains

oh, you thought there was only one who looked over what’s not captured by the sun

surprises left by ancient sign stealers who whisked away their peoples last complaints and walked on with a single saint

yet a sinner to each one helps balance this act

the third of five

we’ve risen now we rise in climatic predictability to gain invincibility and walk right through the power you create when there is nothing left to equate my fate left on a pile of sticks next to his burning bush

the sticks survived

while you contrived a fable to explain all the bread on your table as most are unable to find a stable

to sleep in

wickedness we’re steeped in

dreams we’re seeked in

the din

of sin

greets me again

i was looking for them

those captains

i’m not sure they escaped

i just wasn’t sure where to find them

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