from bed, working on tongue biting

erase the thoughts i wrote

menacing mountains of emotions flip over in time causing the seismic rift penetrating what was the sublime and rearranging our past in a staggered line of when and where did we fall in love

can we sustain this walk through changing sunset hours and sunrise flowers

can we continue to nestle away in beds when stars reach their formations our eyes too saggy to see that arrow he flings is from you to me to the people i meet hoping to rip this heart melt beat out of my chest to get your attention before ticks and spasms give way to dirty underwear and my final stare

it’s dark in there

i warned you

the mind wandering positions i contort to sort the dirty drawer thwart of a nice morning laying side by side are many

and i’m flexible

i hop in and we confide before you even open your eyes it’s not a surprise i kick at you with bad breath morning dew lips desperately trying to hold back

my tongue is loose and becomes the noose i hang this day on


they’re hard to stop

disorganized and damaging

daring you to walk away

i would

i warned you

this ink is indelible

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