from bed, pieces of the whole. visions

i get caught up watching you

it’s the habit you have of using everything i say and taking advantage of how that plays out in front of those you wish to impress

i stand by

it’s like a mirror yet you make it quite clear with your confidence and background information understanding the space station that landed in front of my face today

it was gray

interludes of melodies passing by in fantasies made for another time when my jeans were baggy and your heart sat near pounding in fear that i was the one who you would become

now we’re there

constantly pinching everyone i meet and pulling at the minuscule meat of what i’ll chew and move along with


that’s what i am



when i die

you will all gather

(maybe not together, in the same room. unless your eyes are wide and you can consume the concept of infinity)

look around

i’m the amalgamation of all those faces i found

a broader view

so many races i lost in hopes of becoming nothing as you all used me

it worked

i handed myself out to death

spreading so thin

and you

i gave my last breath


say hello to the ten thousand me’s

i thank you.

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