from bed, change

cover your face

hands, scarf, distortion

not really concerned

you laughed and drank

they huddled in side streets waiting for your liquid grin

hoping you’d grown more compassionate over dinner

or did the switch hit lit-up arrogance

walking through the cobbled town

desires to destroy details is how i found the reasons i continue to come around and wash your dirty sheets.

filled with monsters who lurk and creep with punishing stares and dirty feet slish-sloshing through their standard beat when they found us

our legs were criss-crossed

we shot up and left

i would have danced with you that night, awkward humming rising and falling in your ear as i try to steer you through this vacant fear with a twirl there and a dip here you giggled as i tried to compare myself to that guy,

his name

that’s right


but beware

they were watching


thinking of a set of ten numbers to assign us

don’t look

it would have been ours

if they wouldn’t have noticed


it’s only a memory that never existed

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