from a couch, rushed at the end

I skipped over your name today

Obviously, I noticed you

Choosing you was another story

I fled from certain circumstances that kept me trapped by time taking procedures and the middle gap where we would leap and play from end to end until your riverboat thoughts started to trend to the far away places i couldn’t comprehend. snapping at me turtles and your tongue, i understood the turtles, they came from the water. your ideas of me shot out of the sky, clipped my chin when you drove by it’s something for me to whisper inside that you’ll be better someday. I can weather your frantic mind storm the racing around in an effort to form complete sentences and control

to feel warm.

you kept kicking sunday’s blanket thinking it’d grow, sacrifice the toes to cover your furrowed brow. how? how can i knit fast enough for you to see i’ll keep breathing alongside you as we toss on this sea, i can’t judge you for it’s also me let’s acknowledge at least we’re not the enemy, there isn’t a thing to blame. my night time temper rises with your whimper, just go to sleep. I know it’s not that easy when your senses are steeping deep in images flashing by of five year old friends and family lies. stay with me. let me count the ways. we can get through this time. without falling away.

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