from someone else’s bed, ski lifts rising

force field confidence

shutterfly reconciliation

it’s saturday night and you want no affiliation with those who brought you stability and moderation it was never my mind that redefined time and what we learned

a tooling for the second go around to justify and comply with what they want

a second hand lie

passed down for you to feel comfortable looking them in the face. appearing interested in moments they erased to get to you. rehash and recast every person you meet with a symbolic blast to fake you were fast, when second gear is all you reached the trust of lovers comprehended and breached when pounding in rhythm trying to find a climatic rhyme to signal the rushing in of bottom feeder friends with you they stand and that still depends if you outline every detail in the sand. can’t you see me? is it that hard to say? try to. be by my side and say you reside in the same dark pit of trapped emotions clashing boom bashing stirring my vision straddling my composition of what it means to examine this side of travesty’s walls where the writing is clear and to the point scrawled by infants who knew what to anoint. it’s me. free. lasting.

One thought on “from someone else’s bed, ski lifts rising

  1. Sometimes I need to remind myself this is your adventure and I can delete my email from morning stream guilt free. But it’s like a gift that I’m pitching… thanks anyway!


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