from bed, random – still stuck

the frail features that aren’t shone in the light are what frightens me when we’re dusted by morning sights that aren’t quite clear and nestled away 
there are three things i expect to happen. 

if you leave now there’s a better chance

when the leaf unfurls and the captain arrives i’ll know it’s complete 

the captain is kind really a pirate half blind enters stage left to keep things quiet. from time to time he’ll whisper a line mostly he comes to chew out the behind of passerby’s and near miss lovers. take the blanket too. 

red helps

not too much

yet, it inspires me

rising from a shocking place

a relic left to erratically erase

this classic chatter and bus station banter 

stand next to me

just stand

i don’t need anything else 


you’re talking again

it’s not that i don’t want to hear you

it’s the pressure to return after you hear me

once you find out

there’ll be little reason for you to stay

i’m not what you thought

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