from bed, second guesses

yawns that pass time with regularity it’s a nervous reaction to the lack of clarity i can hardly see anymore through the lens you gave me and now i must try with more sincerity it’s hard to muster the strength to stride through the dining room of where you reside and why do people have these cornered off rooms that never get used show pieces to another time when we worked to impress and shove the shininess of our dimes into walls that can’t hear laughter 


i haven’t stopped listening

it’s hard sometimes to hear through the mumble of people nearby

so, i lean in to lick the lecture you provide it comes so easily and now i must confide that i don’t care what comes out of your mouth

it’s all about going south to discover what happens when longitude dwindles and latitude lingers inside this coffin of forbidden situations will you take me with you where we don’t need mittens where i can feel the frost and not get bitten experience the sunset and the purr of a kitten, yet i hate that sound it’s rhythmic pound and claws kneading tender spots that i’m needing to clear away or put plastic on today armor that can be penetrated and broke before you spoke i knew what your reply would be. ‘stay home’ where you are free to have more than just me and when the time comes for you to flee i’ll be here standing alone by the tree of forgiveness. 

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