from a couch, surly, knowing i have to put up something.

Inspiration is hiding under my bed and i’m too lazy to crouch down, i’ll breathe alone instead wishing someone could pull the cord and wind me up, hit record, tap into the bloody bath of botched images that i imagine when sinking into the nighttime session of pretending we’re dead waiting for the sun to silhouette my somber soul and at least double the meaning of what you glean when my eyes cross and i’m feeling mean pushing buttons and finding covers to throw over your uplifted soul. try to get up, i dare you. it’s the trance dance we found in france that couldn’t stand a chance when we latched in to this laced up boot parade will you come finally fade in letting down your guard, really sweetly, it’s not that hard to send a card and show you at least know i’m here without a listening ear to hit second gear and ride away without warning if that was the case if we left it up to us there would be no them and then i couldn’t contend with these emotions that are challenged with the light and dark and in-between path we embark will you stop crushing the sound of consciousness changing situations to set up the math of knowing we were never equal. 

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