from bed, going to find a different spot tomorrow

justify anything

lies, lust, and onion rings 

listen to the human beings

murmur murmur murmur

rapid eye movements put me to sleep the connection to my other-side leap where haze and enemies become quite clear it’s the feeling of nothing that i can’t compare, obviously, it’s nothing 

next to the nodding that nightly makes you noxious buttering up bread hoping to unbox this tarantula patiently waiting and nimbly moving to strike at the right moment. 

i couldn’t hear her coming through the plasma sheath, wrapped in sleep waiting and wishing you’d come underneath to digest this wonder, an ache within it’s nothing i could compare to the one eyed sin of giving in to the ghost of systematic hosts when the lens i look through muddies with your view and it’s too late now to readjust they say it’s a beautiful pantone and you saw rust 

i lost your trust and can’t find the crust of your morning routine 

give me back my sanity, it’s three inches from the nightstand see a bedroom key with memories and you’re the one who walked out leaving me free, claiming it was the way i walk around at night trying to find reasons to stay looking at pictures the malady of memory when the days are tragedy clamoring for a sense of reality they all seem to have it. so, i let myself believe what you hold is not up your sleeve, but in your hand 

if not, i can find a reason why. 

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