from bed, after getting up once

farms are burning 

sights are merging 

into masses of char 

we won’t have to go far 

to visit the view

black lit hue

huddled next to only a few who had the ability for upward mobility and that idea of pulling anything to get up is lost in a triangle structure it’s where you’re born is where you’ll stay the travel ban isn’t an idea, it wasn’t the media it’s gun clips and ammo, cigarettes tossed and camo, forgetting we collectively are mammals

vegas is brought to our home with sunday picks and bastardized wine is a cup with mix i lost the south watching gone with the wind and that city known for strong breezes, i’ll play grand theft auto in-between sneezes that were brought on by recycled air delivering my groceries no prices to compare i left for montana i was told i could be a tycoon, but they diverted all flights to the moon and europe is blasting, india’s fasting, i can’t walk down the block these friendships aren’t lasting yard signs litter our lens to see the staging of life in a new reality lost in complaining winter is raining our sinister drenched skeptical minds is all that’s remaining

i hopped in my car

the batteries dead

i opened a photo album to find you instead 

my sense of touch is famished as i stare at the glow of a tv set, reminded there’s one thing i haven’t met

and slip silently shutting the scarlet shutters and relieve this debt

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