from bed, rutting

Simplified versions of recipes cutting out ingredients 
that might just be important

don’t do it

don’t have me if you can’t attest to uncomfortable walks where i unzip my vest for dramatic affect and fire back how much of a wreck you are at certain times and events weakness walking wailing i refuse to be near you neighbors out mowing with dogs can’t tell if we’re together twenty feet between us admiring landscape knowing this force field prevents a one act easily identified play of hearts that fade death drama displayed a silent movie anyone whose ever wanted to move forward and grow with another person has spent time forgetting their not at home while emotions unfold why should the walls contain our expressions it’s then the taboo and sneak attack boos get called a new name. nope, you pissed me off two blocks from our bed and rather then wrestle alone in my head hiding, we heal while hollering. it’s not names we call, it’s general frustration normal temptation. it’s ok. we feel. hush don’t say a word people might think that’s a cuss they heard or, oh no, they witnessed my bird. pent up and exploding shakes walls, while hiding and hustling down halls ensures we will eventually fall. bite my tongue i was taught to do, i can’t while honestly loving you. 

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