from bed, time gets later

they hopscotched one another’s heart and learned the lesson that couldn’t start until finally breaking everything apart so they could reassemble 
it took time to listen and stop for the glisten that moistened eyes give in times of missing the ones we reach to when nights pull a lonely string leaving a melody in the distance trapped in a single note humming over and over, vibrating and finally catching rhythm while i crawl away slogging through stations i need to wash out this stuttered feeling this drone of meaning 

i figured a crash cycle with certainty would create a new identity looking at me must be tough knowing i can’t tell what’s enough of where you want this conversation to go i’ll continue to wake up in trains hoping this time the lips i left lingering while i laid on the floor will wait for me to rise up, i need regularity. how do they do it? those others, who stretch and move shuffle through and groove always getting approved for dendrite deduction cell reproduction and i’m stuck not understanding my own destruction or definitions of words i use they sound nice so i leave everyone confused hoping they feel me instead of understand this babble of rhyme that sometimes catches time it’s a device to work through the shit in my mind that left unattended will leave me blind cluttered concepts chunking up my ability to drive straight perhaps i could sit at home and figure fate would deviate me from this rocky road. i do like ice cream though. 

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