from bed, part two ‘will i see them again?’

I wasn’t sure which way to go
my only purpose that morning was to run into her

i crossed the street and quickly glanced back

she was talking to a man half my age

i rearranged my jacket, stuffed my hands back in my pocket and continue walking

where did she go after the glow of a nighttime show

a fixture 

i turned left, stopped, shuffled out a cigarette and put it behind my ear

anxiously knowing i couldn’t stand here, between her and there

i ducked into a low lit after hours gym i asked for the time, used the bathroom, and headed back to the spot we met

other feet now filled the space where we stepped closer to feeling our place

i leaned against the building, threw one shoe up with a bent knee, retrieved my cigarette, looked around, then four inches out, igniting and exhaling

she consumed me

an exact infatuation of her habits

how did she get groceries?

i conversed with her with every inhale about the inane detail of our afterlife

she didn’t believe in death

i knew her voice, it sheltered me the nights i couldn’t break free from my own ruminating thoughts of days i forgot to pay attention to the other ones who enjoyed the joy i bought

the rain started

a last exhale, i pushed off the wall and started to head home. 

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