from bed, bleh

suspended belief for the sake of getting through the day is giving my tree top goals a new way to sway and explain to a room full of people i admire that a name change will rearrange the concepts and change their desire from the past as we fuse to one another there is no co-pilot we’re working to create this room where curiosity walks through the door daily with questions of wonder, who is bill bailey and why should we welcome you home from the places you visited to report back that there is a world out there under attack it’s our duty now to educate children to understand that it’s not weird it’s something they haven’t been around and if we create a culture where safety is key they’ll leap off every page into infinity and humility should take center stage listening listening listening to someone else’s rage as the light glows and lives we should continue to give a chance that we may see the stream stop and witness all of eternity. 

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