from bed, after rolling over 

please, take a knee it’s a sign of respect 

our flag is confused as we resurrect the rhetoric brought back by a heretic who is just a derelict 

bring us together is not his fad it’s going after jersey clad dad’s with hashtags and Sads! 

history is my sister see cause we have all fought to explain some mystery attached to rights of race or sex and heaven forbid you’re one of them mex – i can continue to spew about text books that skew though today i’m not a montague or capulet let me set the stage for half of this scrawled on page i’m not on my knees for you 

that’s your daydream sage

i bend my knee for the world to see it’s them not me who’ll stand by idly while you fuck with math and divide our nation like moses the sea reaching for tablets to trade your twitter station

never hoping to reach that mythical honalee where puff would greet you with a mighty roar and just like that show you the door so we can heal the gash that you salt with every assault on our national vault of treasured movements and chocolate vanilla malts mixed at lunch counters to counter the taunter who pokes and prays on ways we display that humans are one and not yet done fighting for future daughters and sons. 

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