from bed, four connected?

It all seemed so silly as sunrises ate another day with you yelling and thinking it’s ok to shelter our minds like bob the storm i relentlessly all the while am torn that torture devices are still being used and you captured my hurt and left abused 

The clock was something i never wanted as the ghosts are gathering for another year stirring and whistling my attention they have that threat grabbing moment i left sincere wishing you were nothing but a mirror wiping me clean that cat jumping on my chest and making me mean a nauseating purr a congested stir the claws digging just rip my flesh and leave me alone the catatonic nature of my movie and the phone a place is reaching out a voice so soft and serving me 

Stop burying my lines and kicking the dirt this is where i stand where i hurt where sunken shadows survive in a time of need and bleeding is a sign i can still see a measured pace when walking to you i shouldn’t have to think my hair unglued horses pulling her now she’s nothing new a darker tan and these words i slew street lamps lost leaning and forgotten tomorrow may blister pop and shotgun rallies will hear our cry the sincere absolving my last lie will you listen to me before i drowned will you kiss my forehead the wrinkled crown a sometimes serious situation calls for class glass shattered and breaking its time to go make sure you listen before the show 

insecurity raised his hands i called on him and made different plans we won’t play today but mom please i shut the door walked across the room and…blank

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