from bed, where’s brad?

There wasn’t the same anticipation as yesterday 
ghosts carried our relationship it had to be this way with yellow stained fingers we shook into the night i never wanted to be the one to close your eyes leaving you without a sense of understanding the spinning  words spirling through chattering teeth and i went with you to visit that place underneath the corner store where her accent held the door while we politely used her more to race home a portal to the dome of our frightened neck bobs and stand still day jobs hiding in coolers to refresh the senses i worried about you knowing what my mind says on mornings when i forgot we were broken glass motions i’d try and recall all the lies that were spoken when i figured out death with you in that chair and contemplated eternity with a single hour stare and we kept getting up and moving and blinking and thinking and skipping away from one another so blind in that room where seth laid out our tomb and welcomed us in, a final womb, would we fit this time i was five eleven you’re five nine and inches apart looking down on me i finally recognized we were sitting and you couldn’t raise up pounding i muttered wake up wake up this isn’t the right path i listen to your laugh while dying, drowning the last piece of what they did to you. and you were gone. leaving a record of where i belong. i’ve looked for you. bye.

#2 not done?

Stand still invite the thrill of looking into a glass pill to imagine the drill that you could go through every morning to get this thing right only missing a final goodnight with you lying next to me a freedom of fancy it may not matter now that i see your dance see it isn’t up to me if you tend to cry when shadows that collided now merely pass by in a lull of forgotten children’s songs and rhymes i crave the times we could willfully stop in to spin in that grin and rub with sin i can only imagine where it whisks us away they’ll never see the planted smiles of our secret plan in order to stay here we have to demand that the frightening and forthright will always be in sight so send that letter and try for the better fight sprint to someone else i get that you met her or him and that’s perfectly fine a winter left wondering if you remember my line is open empty and waiting if there’s something i could do.

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