from bed and a couch, listening to sounds. distracted.

An owl sitting on our house woke me this morning with her never ending question I tried to mutter something from underneath the pillow that kept me horizontal longer than usual but I couldn’t imagine why you’d want to know i don’t have a clue which room, with what or whether it was a colonel or peacock shaking and rattling looking for a mate I still remember our first date coffee cigarettes and tempted fate leaving me home alone to figure eight trace the lines in my mind of whether i’ll find someone who can help rewind and erase this place i’ve been trapped and kept 

it’s unnecessary i now see with my exes in Tennessee to rid of that past i long to be next to the tree which once lived inside of me before that axe of doubt hacked its way through my flesh house with reckless policies and shredding words of yesterday i speak and not a reward could be found if you ask me what the insides look like, it’s not you 

rest assured it’s the stare i give to let you know i’m hollowed out from every tire track on far away roads where lonely kids skid out to show they exist that’s their hand in the cave and i lost my limbs, no fingers to point it must be me. 

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