from bed, a few put together

you’re going to eat your bagel and go for a walk i wish i could say those words again

they’d be left hollow and bouncing from limited walls the shadows are gone and all that’s left is a mall in this town where heartbeats throbbed with delight i made up your last fear and now you have sight you’re welcome for opening such a situated wonder if the bells rang louder you might make a decision to get up and let the yellow hatred enter your pea sized brain making fun of some is like watering the rain 


don’t touch

the signs didn’t need to be there

no one really was going to put their hands 

on something so planned

it was his alone

so they stared in awe and wonder curious if it would happen


a shift in the way they saw his soul as vibrations were felt down every hall transporting from red to yellow green the white it all made sense now the last transport flight we thought

then it undressed before us



let the lake’s motions move you sideways

glancing up

your family is straight ahead

lay back

bobbing, corners of your mouth slightly filling a quick spit tilt your head back arms suspended legs lowered 

flip over 

they’re fifty yards further 

the faces changed time to yourself 

switching perspectives relatives are relative as we shape the size of our eyes and see 

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