from bed, too early

put yourself in a position to positively effect the people around you while pouring yourself a glass of well defined ego with a side of hero 

‘i’m pretty fantastic’ is all the gloating you can do while pretending to get down off that pedestal that we all play with in our mind. i lost confidence thinking too much of your perception, so i went to the store and bought some cheetos, a six pack of mountain dew (nothing fancy, the regular type) and beef jerky. upon completing the meal that left me grounded i realized it wasn’t anything new the balance between the minds desire and the true a wish that somehow you could see through a night stopping examination of how we connect in this plane of ornate palace claims that claim the life of so many people who just want to be seen. i choked on that desire, coughing, phlegm flying forward forcing my stomach on the floor in front of you. we stared completely amused. i got the towel. you got me water. thanks. 

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