from bed, sore

i don’t dare dip into the den of disappointment i’ll take experiences for what they are and delve deeper into the place where i know something is listening to the thoughts that i lay with and there was no turning around when you called my name, the car door was closing, slow motion magnets tried pulling me back without the distraction that we’re under attack and bring back the lunch pack scooby snack disposable straws and underwoos we were comfortable then not knowing an end. the way people will set you up and down again can i continue without a sense of saying that something was alarming? lost my train paused and can’t regain the calm i felt when left coasting in my brain without regulation the laws of the insane can we say we’re there? letting in no distractions, the cat meow, warm bodies next to us, a rising sun daring us to drift through the day without stepping in to say that this kind of situation is not ok, we have to talk.

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