from bed, new view.

Poof.Cloud cover could provide a perfect opportunity to see you today. We used to sit under rin tin awnings listening to the pit patter as temperatures dropped, our faces lost, and when i brought another battle you kept reminding me to feel the mist moistening my face, realize the way our eyes squint and noses drool. you kept your cool, i lost my calm and sunday afternoons were spent in different spaces one trying to erase while the other craved another taste. Jingle jangle, the sound scared me. They were coming again. Can we climb for cover and convert? eat the experts and examine the dirt, you always flirted and made the plans can we lose each other one more time would you do something. help me pretend. where did you go? I see the swirls starting to fill the sky, you just drove by, i’m out here soaking wet and pissed off. this rain ruined me.

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