from a chair

torn, tortured, tried and true a trick to tempt the night, black and blue bonnets we wrapped on their heads to pretend they were proper it was a means to an end. know to be quiet and coy we’ll tell them when to bow and what to say. your warted elbow digging into my rib, hey i gave you that, step in to the filigree filled halls filtering friday fights what you wear shouldn’t be that tight fitting into something you’re always in sight i wish i may i wish i might it doesn’t matter day or night leave the light on the one that cast shadows under the door i can see you coming, clutching my pillow digging my nails it’s nothing now no one knows let me trail off into a dream the space where i grow something else a place that is slow i’m raising them, we’re crazing them, it’s lazy now, i’m trying how? I hope my shield will somehow spread to the length of your years.

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