from a chair

it’s sound not fire 

though we’d eye the devastation before our ears could comprehend what mushroom vibrations in midnight places mean to the middle class who aren’t on vacation could we then agree that the situation is something not worth smothering our sister who was pregnant at sixteen over. i saw her dressed and alone waiting outside for love not methadone and the way you held your glare long enough to assure us you’d never be “that” as your mom wondered why there was always an empty chair, feet are bare, this family isn’t functioning to be dysfunction a portrait on a 90s goth kid’s chest reflecting our best a cultural enemy cause you couldn’t pass his test forgetting she has a back as you walk away 

where are you?

where did you go?

I can’t continue to make excuses thinking you’ll show and this line is long my lies a song if only the fury i hear would disappear 

it’s cold 

I’m freezing

oh, but you better make sure your child is rear facing while passing that cardboard sign 

i’ve memorized a few things from the past and this detour wasn’t our quest.  

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