from a bed made by strangers hands

transition from first to second gear transmissions sent

reluctant cooperation

fear it will all become clear when the trembling ship steers away from coastlines that can’t quite capture the creative collective that keeps pouring to the edge where water and land meet

evolutions bringing brighter beginnings for borrowed nights when we hope to sweep away together with silver haired headdresses, all agreeing she will garner attention from something different than fragrant dipped danger keeping us on our toes

hug me

make contact and cradle the child ripped from flapping full breasts before he was finished feeding from natural sources fostering freedom from freeze dried fucked up fake fruit foraged for in chemistry stores where cancer lurks to make cancer cures to make cancer walks with cancer gear to hold a sign that you have no fear of something controllable

a cancer country

we have the answer

the problems hold up our worth

constant creation of both ends of nature

manufactured duality

we can’t cease clutching at the wind

we name it

claim it

show disdain and hang on it

they know

it’s there

we love

to stare

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