from bed, questions for you

you shrunk

it’s ok it’s just that i was getting used to the sway when the breeze would catch you just right

a tilt to the left during events when someone shouted caustically about stylistic tendencies of your immediate family

caring deeper for the franchise than the surprise in your eyes when grafted pineapple trees produced something sweeter than this life you’ve loved

bending, holding up and stretching out crashing to the tempted floors when he walked in again pointing fingers and wreaking of sin the dirty bastard bible thumping in a rest area for no one but those who can keep a bathroom clean

what does that mean to us out here picking up debris wishing saturday you’d see it’s them not you and certainly me that can’t wish against the tiny freeze that stuns you silent

i’ve given up the night miracle walks we were going on, the ones we grew up in

i catapulted to capitulation

now i’m out of that situation

fingers rest easy when i’m alone

that’s a lie as they fly through my phone pleading ‘see me’ is anyone home is there anyone aware? can i care and create this thing we mistake for attention seeking its my breath breaking strike against a fake good night knowing you might capture my fright in a single sound shaking sight

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