from bed, meowing

stand there for a few minutes

let it sink in

how are you different now?

did you take the time to watch him?

living in his moment

self centered eyes shut off as he was gliding through costume changes wondering if you knew the exchanges he had with those in his eight hour day and make hay they say on the other side of day the vision of owls brought me to you

trapped in their talons and dropped. rearranged and bed ridden i remember getting to know you: i don’t.

i lost myself and thought it was you pressuring me to become like the few who slither away with broken leg ideas hobbling on weakness you continue to persist,

wedding dresses missed

ripped magazine fantasies fall to the floor

frames that bore my insecurities

does it surprise you that i rise in the day and tremble to sleep?

she took a piece, ate it, and with ho-hum eyes begged to be released.

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