from bed, another answer in the alphabet 

waiting in line for you to decide 
this bulging banter of bigoted banality is baiting us to crawl in the crevices created by dynastic despots deciding to edge out the eager elves elevating to elastic funnels fueling fire for the future finish-line as they gather gophers engaged in gross gadgets hailing heroes who halt the interesting introverts imploding in igloos they’re just jacking jocks juggling jaded jams kicking the keepers of the kings secret killings while lapping in luxury licking little lives of leftover lunches lingering with lapses in language lost and lifting languidly for mighty monsters mixing margaritas with manic moments making nothing new now in open orifices overtaking octopus onlookers ogling people pushing past perfume plastic, patiently poking a queens question quest that rests reliably on ready made relics of stationary shoes so small standing solidly in sequestered towers taking time to tempt tonight’s tantrum unaware underneath ugly underwear is validation vaulting to vanished vulnerability waiting, watching while wincing with xylophone yawns yelling at you a zombie.

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