from bed, not sure where i’m going

sitting down across from you 

eyes darting

your head turns to get up

i left before you could grab your bag

turn, twist and wring this out 

guided musing 

the sleep sludge grate my eyes can’t see

passerbys is what you left

goodbye kisses aching on my forehead

left for all to notice 

the captured side

safe without a border to keep you in

they sort



nothing can catch this vile way you purport

grinding in a cache land 

stand a while and grab this hand 

thrash my situation bland 

i can’t taste this rerun plan 

in and out 

leather slides 


passion pitted against itself

left a tale to tell on the shelf

worn out bindings and false findings

just grab my tie and show me my needs

i can’t see through the envious haze

captured in a momentary silence 

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