from bed, leaving

she woke up wondering where she was

slowly stepping her way through a steel encased tunnel each shuffle of her feet hitting repeat repeat repeat turning around to the sound of something left down. there? where? it was the echo behind and what was ahead couldn’t have been enough to get her out of bed the pounding now throbbing it brought her to her knees and suddenly the memory of an entry flashed and stayed an image splayed at what became an opening. gathering strength and speed she was running now. arms flailing, sweat breaking, everything blurring to a stop. 
she was sitting at the kitchen table looking at you. lower lip trembling, eyes swelling, hands hidden underneath the table. starring. where had she gone for those few moments you were busy with your bread and soup, had you forgotten it takes time to remind the one with who you bind that you want them around. that saturday afternoon tugging at sheets meant more than rapid heart beats and imagining other people you meet. encased, engrossed, lost with a ghost the merger of two host to host symbiotic and sonic boom i’m on it grabbing a moment to be in that place tossed in the funnel of situations that bring you to the now, not wondering how a hello brought you to this.

she gets up and stretches her arms, revealing all the places you’ve harmed, can you even look. 

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