from bed, reflect what you are

parading around in a panda suit while pinching the sides of coke cans he interacted with the world until that day the whispers whisked him away and now there are a few more frowns that walk this way while he may not have been polite or kept that smile in plain sight the intention to illicit a response from eyebrows was quite evident and we need that data to measure those minds and i’ve developed a rubric to determine if you’ve become more kind. ask. anecdotal. how do you feel about yourself? yet, it doesn’t work that way. real information, sir. i need to be told while watching this thing unfold the absent minded mold of moment to moment goals. a child careening from class with one last mask, bustling to the enlightenment task of figuring out who she is. the light gilded her face as she worked to replace what her parents forged into her malleable skin. it comes from within. he took the suit last Monday. walking through Wednesday and losing track of Friday finally giving in to the fact that features will never remain intact as we interact bumping elbows and driving station wagons understanding this is life again. i tried. please forgive those desperate moments of insecurity. without bells to welcome the arrival, i give you this one last dance. entertain the idea i’m breakable and will send seven years of bad luck your way if you’re not careful.

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