from bed, idiot wind

there may be another reason someone wants this information out there, something sinister, let’s run with it anyway

headline reads ‘he shot Gray’

same old reasons money and a female

i used to know him 

it’s awkward when he comes around 

trying to balance our friendship with what he may or may not have done

the see saw that rests with taking a gun and deciding for myself if he should stay 

i knew him better than this

slow churning breeze stumbles out of my mouth with no context, ideas based outside facts concepts that i create to fit this piece and seal his fate a plagiarized pony flipped out phony who’ll sit with others and eat bologna with wonder bread and miracle whip give me something i can dip into the silence started after he pulled the trigger making the scene of the other life bigger and who’d figure it’d be you and i siding to eliminate this waste of confiding with just a jar and twenty bucks we left that place to hide out in a space where race wasn’t the face we judged one another on the value was full priced no coupon to reduce me to something you want to see this wasted vastness cast to sea it was me the translucent colliding in you mixing this energy a meeting of you spiraling up and reaching out to know i’m not alone. 

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