from bed, blinking fast

Over analyze these quick lies that polarize and stigmatize the faulty sense of kitchen table size and who sits next to you when the day is done wishes and dreams that weigh a ton as i look in their eyes and come undone with what is illuminated by the sun yet it’s not time to get up and run i’ll be here sunday afternoons blowing balloons to celebrate being and new phases of the moon i’ve been too quick lately judging your seeking, peaking through ideas and finding an identity. we’re butting heads, i need to stop and nod have patience and plod through this period with you that’ll bring about a whole new way to communicate about laughter and your first date accepting what you reflect in the world and those who’ll be influenced by and seek our little girls. i watch you move, listen and think it’s hard to imagine you with your own kitchen sink blinking at the mirror and seeing quite clear the beauty you have in every dropped tear and smile received and heartache grieved, who can believe what trail you’ll walk and who you meet know we’re there with a waiting seat at that table you knew with your little feet 

thankfully, we all have time to revel closely in you two. just preparing. 

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