from bed, late

holding on to this mind as it takes flight 

i wish i may i wish i might not think incessantly about how i fit in to this circular path of birth and redeath and never is there time left to figure out if i’m still with the person who sat in desks at eight years old wondering if i should do what i’m told and testing every one of their molds to find they push back harder when you figure their code and crack the case that we all need that warm embrace the fear we trace like chalk outlines around one another forgetting at one point i may have called you brother, if you liked my sister which you better not i know your intentions even when you were too young to know it’s not polite to wipe your snot on someone else’s pant leg in the middle of gym class you’ve grown up fine and less of a mess so if you’d like to find me and carry me down from this lofty intersection of lost and found a place i go to become unbound i dare you before i’m buried in the ground. why would i want to spend my days free living so close to my eternity. it’s up here. come on. 

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