from bed. rush

pressing matters like kids scatter when someone has to press their thumbs for nothing they’ve done but spreading the crumbs to find a way home that was never known and internet connection left them alone with a phone while swimming in seas of people they meet with a head nod and knowing it’s their turn to greet the person for an upgrade to trade for a faster model this ones full throttle like energy drinks why do you need to stay awake to care what people think it never will make it’s way to your screen they’re judging the people outside their bay: you know about THEM right in the corner of the left i think a few are on my list but just so i have a gist of what they say and how they act i can surmise for now i’d never write them a contract it’s up to me now as i walk alone holding this bone a faithful friend left me and now i drone about flying above you humming and the noise doesn’t bother neither does the fact that i record your life to understand mine and stay stuck in a bubble. they always say ‘how are you’. and i reply fine.

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