from a couch, some caffeine

It’s easy, she said as her smile stretched to uncomfortable lengths that had me questioning how she found strength, the way she ran her hand through her cluttered hair and chit chit chattered her teeth, a blanket eyed stare. this all disturbed my senses as she swiveled and got up. I couldn’t muster the energy anymore, our time to stretch into one another’s canvass of creation was covered and crossed out, the star eyed concoction we create to get through this cycle the spinning through fractal elements and never ending algebraic sequences, now only doubt. i wasn’t taught this in school, yet the spool was sent spinning when you stepped off that stool and walked down our aisle. we have permission to not have to explain this smile and if you come back this way would you let me in to tempt from within, energy tapping is never a sin.

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