from bed, at a reasonable hour

They didn’t like the fact that I cried 

one day they’ll embrace the person that they’re laced with a slip of the pinky ring holding powder that will plunder their desire and leave them trapped, confined by heredity, not only a burden, you see the blanket isn’t always stifling it’s freeing to feel that mass appeal and banana split sundae shakes birthday cakes that boxes make if you decide to run don’t forget my emotions you must take and every thursday we went to the bank, standing in line, you tugged at my seams asking for a dum dum or always more it seemed. that was ok, everything was. mostly, yet we lined the blankets and folded sheets your drool and hands making everything complete i struggle now finding a way to relate at times confused shattered by okays or see ya goodbyes it’ll all come back and we’ll understand where the lamplight hangs and laughters uncanned. careening.

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