from bed, too anxious to move

The insecurity hasn’t left i’m waiting for days when i don’t wander without wondering what you want it’s cold up here and down there we are lost it’s something i saw once in a daydream fistfight he didn’t like my shoes his hair was too tight couldn’t grab on my hands didn’t fit in my pockets i hated the feel of wool and you just stared at my eyes bagged and cold it wasn’t that you didn’t care it’s the capacity to fit another breath of discontent in the ribbon wound emotions of yesterday’s drip and it’s not fair yes it is no it’s not then again you always circle the parking lot waiting to drop in minutes wasted my heart sheltered from this stifling optimism it doesn’t compute i’m trying to mute the flashes of past encounters when you craved my desolation when the road wasn’t there a peer stretching into the ocean of something yellow something green colors are mixing now you’re in the scene get out these are my words that i write 

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