from a plane

June 15, 2017

Doesn’t matter which way
stopped by the latest plan and thought it was time to deliver something different to the lost lies of lovers lips i once gently tipped off to the sins his touch was a fuse that you wished he could pass to another person or friend and would they stay while we thought we thought and thought too much the cudd pried out of my lip i’m not done yet let me spit and remain content to stand in the pasture of life without being replaced at the hands of a blunt knife like singers i admire and times i aspire to stay in the drawer and pull them up to the top stair shoved down in need of repair or maybe your stare which couldn’t even hold the candle for blown out dreams of children’s screams muffled by the silencer at the end of everything. jump ropes strangle hold i have ten reasons i was told and you hold 13 out of fear. i get the desire.

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